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Lama Market is a free classifieds marketplace for alpacas and llamas. It can also serve as a free alternative to a farm website.

Manage Your Herd
You can manage your herd of alpacas or llamas by creating a free account and loading your herd one by one into Lama Market. Simply categorize your listings as "herds" if you do not want to sell the animal. Lama Market makes it easy to view what animals you currently own. It then becomes easy to share with others online and could lead to a future sale.

Sell Your Alpacas & Llamas
There are over 2,000 people that view Lama Market every month. The more people that view your animals online, the more likely you will get offers to purchase them. It's that simple. List your alpacas and llamas on Lama Market for FREE today!

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PPR FUSION Section: Llamas
Type: Suri
Gender: Male

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Safe Buying Tips

NEVER pay for an animal by instant cash transfer, such as Western Union or Moneygram.
ALWAYS know what you are buying. Visual inspection and background knowledge of the animal is ideal. Do not be afraid to ask many questions!
GET a copy of the animal's registration information, if applicable, and verify that it is a legitimate document through the corresponding registry.
BEWARE of fraudsters who send fake email messages claiming to represent escrow services through Lama Market. Lama Market will NEVER be involved in your transaction.

• Learn more about Fraud Awareness

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